Learn the exact money manifesting process that helped me bring £267,000 cash in my business in just one month.

May 28th, 2021 | 9:30 am BST

Value: £12,222

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All that you know about ‘manifesting’ money right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve read The Secret, and every book on manifestation that came after that…

Joined the manifestation Facebook groups… 

Saved hundreds of photos on Pinterest with the steps laid out…

And you have followed the same tips…

You’ve been ‘acting as-if’.

Writing your desired reality in a script as if it’s already happened.

You have a vision board with photos of what you’d like to achieve.

You’ve been repeating affirmations like a prayer on beads.

And believe me, these work.

These simple manifestation exercises are effective, that’s why they’re so popular. They are the perfect starting point.


If you are satisfied with the results you’re getting with these manifestation tips… you can honestly stop reading here.

However, for those who desire more  in their life… these basic manifestation tips are not enough.

You need to dig a lot deeper within your subconscious and your feelings to receive what feels extraordinary. 

Join Suzy Ashworth, a 7-figure entrepreneur and founder of The Freedom Experience, for her Manifesting Money Workshop.


In this 3-hour online workshop, Suzy will teach you the EXACT manifestation and energy exercises that not only helped her break the 1-million mark in December 2020, have 10 consecutive 6 figures plus months since, and have her biggest (£267K) cash in the bank month in April 2021.

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Value: £12,222

Join today for only £197 + VAT!


In the workshop you will learn how to...

Create an aligned financial goal… one that is determined by your soul and not your head.

Understand how to create next level expansion.

Learn how to deal with the aftermath of exceeding your goal - fear of success begone.

How to ‘stay in the moment’ so you are able to completely eliminate grabby/energy that repels money.

How to expand your energetic field of receiving.

How to powerfully and quickly release emotions that are blocking your money channels.

and much, much, much more…

How would manifesting more money change your life?

Money means so many different things for all of us.


For some, having more money could mean sending your children to better schools… putting healthier food on the table…

living in a bigger house where you feel supported…


For others, more money would mean expanding your business… hiring your partner full-time…

living a location-independent life…

If any of this resonated with you, we want to personally invite you to the Manifesting Money Workshop with Suzy Ashworth and give you the new roadmap to bringing in money like you’ve never known before…

In just 3 hours, I’ll give you the money manifestation guidelines that helped me receive over a quarter of a million pounds in April 2021!

Usually, I share such breakthroughs only with my clients inside my flagship group-coaching program, The Freedom Experience, which costs £18,000+ to enrol.

But last month was extraordinary for me, and I feel called to share my process with you, and in turn increase the abundance in the world. 

This is exactly why the price is £197 + VAT.

So if you sign up for the Manifesting Money Workshop today, you’ll get it for only £197 + VAT.

The value of this workshop is £12,222 because it’s all the exercises, observations and findings that I have spent months trying to figure out to get that £267,000 a month… and I’m giving it all to you, no holding back, at a fraction of the cost.

But you must know one thing …

This workshop is ONLY for those who are ready to dig deeper within their feelings, do the emotional and soul work necessary… and want to have a real impact on the world…

If you’re ready… I’m delighted to be welcoming you to the workshop.

I will take you behind-the-scenes of what it takes to action your goals and be unshakable as you take the steps.

I’m going to teach you my own soul-aligning manifesting money process that will help you breakthrough your big money goal with love and ease.

And all you need to do is set aside 3 hours on May 28th and one low payment of £197

You in?


Meet Suzy

Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach with the superpower to help female entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world.

With her signature program, The Freedom Experience, numerous business-meets-soul products, The Limitless Life Experience podcast, an inclusive Facebook group, and online and in-person mentoring, Suzy has supported thousands of female entrepreneurs who have wanted to make a difference.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact, as they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world.

Suzy is also a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, and a believer in miracles who is a mum to three wonderful kids. Always open to the experiences life has to offer, Suzy also lived in Mexico and Spain with her family, and is now back in the UK.

What Suzy’s students are saying …

This is some kind of voodoo. Lol! This may seem small. But it’s a big win for me and I’m feeling all kinds of worthiness I haven’t experienced before. I called in £1350 in 3 days. That’s more than what I earned last month.

Nova Reid

Thank you for shining a light on how we can ask and receive when we CHOOSE to ALLOW. I feel so good. I feel so ME. And yes, this is allowing me to give and receive all sorts of abundance, including financial. 💚

Aine Homer

When I came in (The Freedom Experience) I was just about hitting 5K months. By January I think I'd had my first 10K month. And what's really beautiful is, since then I've consistently had 10 to 12K months. And I'm now at the stage where I'm looking into turning what once was a kind of solopreneur business into an agency.

Polly Lavarello

I’m having a ball and thanks so much for all you give, your calm and guidance. We have 11 in SS which is 24.5K and the YTT balances that came in last month were 16.5K so TOTAL 41K plus 2K classes. Wonderfully abundant and more please.

Dory Daya Walker

I am about to close the cart for my program (supposedly closing on the 20th) because right now I have 16 women confirmed… a launch of 76K USD!!!!! So celebration definitely……..thank you for your support!!! And yes.. definitely I need to process that in one week I made 76K USD (I was ready haha) and that probably it will increase by the end of the week (and I haven’t sold the private program yet!)

Mar Talanquer

Claim your spot and join the workshop now

Value: £12,222

Join today for only £197 + VAT!


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